Rick Santorum and Ron Paul

February 17, 2012

In order to be “fair and balanced”! –  I spent some time this afternoon on Santorum and Paul’s websites. Here are my thoughts.

Santorum’s site is similar to Romney’s with scrolling pictures at the top – but not flashy. There is nothing that stands out to me on the entire site. It has the basics, his bio, events,  reasons for running and a way to donate. You can buy a tee shirt or cap from him if you like. There are a few pictures of him and his family. Good looking family btw.

Ron Paul’s website. I am calling his site the conspiracy site. However, there is a flashy section at the top of the home page that I liked. He actually lists the total amount of his campaign contributions thus far and lists the donor’s name in real time. Thats cool. As for the rest of the site it reads like a governmental conspiracy page. His site reminds me of Howard Dean’s site a few years ago.

Now that I have looked at all four sites – (Obama, Romney, Santorum and Paul) I am going to stick with my original assessment and say that Romney has the best site. Followed by Obama, then Santorum and finally Ron Paul.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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