What he really said!!!

February 13, 2012

A paraphrase of the President’s budget speech earlier today from the Washington Post.

“In his final budget request before facing voters in November, Obama called for $350 billion in new stimulus to maintain lower payroll taxes, bolster domestic manufacturing, lure jobs back from overseas, hire teachers, retrain workers and fix the nation’s crumbling infrastructure. There would be only modest trims to federal health programs and no changes to Social Security, the biggest drivers of future borrowing, despite last year’s raucous political debate over the federal debt.”

Point 1 – Lower payroll taxes – In other words, let the government subsidize your payroll taxes – because if they don’t then businesses will have to continue to pay the taxes which will put a bigger strain on the businessman than he/she already has.  We can’t afford for anymore businesses to fold – we have a hard enough time now fudging the unemployment rate.

Point 2 – Bolster domestic manufacturing – let the government continue to loan out money to companies that are going to fail aka Solyndra.  The government has lost $2 billion investing in green technologies alone so far! Let me lose some please!!!  Just flush it down the toilet Obama it’s the same thing.

Point 3 – Lure jobs back from overseas – yeah right and just how are you going to do this Mr. President? At the end of the day it will take a bribe to accomplish this.  He needs bribe money. Compare our corporate taxes to the 17 countries that have better rates than us.  Btw, if I thought I could make a living selling security systems to the good people of Denmark or Chile – Carol and I would hit the road tomorrow!

Point 4 - Hire more Teachers! – Code word for more UNION employees – would you like to take a stab at how these folks vote??? We should be firing more teachers for doing such a crappy job as well as eliminating the Department of Jimmy Carter (Education).

Point 5 – Retrain Workers – aka “jobs programs” designed for people to collect a second or third check from the government while they “retrain”. Junior is about to get that new Iphone!!! Isn’t the responsibility of the company that hires you to train you?

Point 6 – Crumbling Infrastructure – you know, the roads and bridges deteriorate more during an election year than at any other time – twice as fast.  If this passes,  the only states that will benefit will be CA, FL and NY. Lose one of those states in the election Mr. President and it’s back to Hawaii for you.  He promised this in the last election – ask the people in South Carolina if any of their roads have been fixed.  Hint: I was there 3 weeks ago – their roads SUCK!!!

Point 7 – Modest trims in Healthcare and no changes to Social Security.  Let’s just kick the can down the road for another 4 years on Healthcare and Social Security reform – no one will notice. Heck I will be long gone by then and it will be someone else’s problem.  Now, there’s real leadership.  Additionally, if the seniors desert Obama in November he’s doomed.  There’s that Florida thing again. Florida might be a good place to live right now…

So, more of the same from the President.  What’s more, he once again demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of the economics of the country. Stimulus… can you say Porkulus???  


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